Kathi J Smith
Red Skies in the MorningUnderLeaning DockBob and Jack's PlaceLittle Long PondMoon RisingStanley Shipyard RemainsIslesford, DuskHeliker- LaHotan HomeTown Dock - ReflectingCranberry Island Boat YardCressida ShelleyDockside, GCITree, GCIThe PoolMon TrucYard
Great Cranberry Island
My work is reflective of places in which I find myself lost in the act of looking. I am currently interested in the role of landscapes in developing a sense of one’s self and, when conjured through sensations, how powerful the visual memory of a place can be. I created this body of work during a month-long residency at the Heliker- LaHotan Foundation on Maine’s Great Cranberry Island. Recently I have been painting places relevant to my personal history, and I went to the island to experience a landscape similar to the small island in Nova Scotia where my grandparents lived. I have vivid childhood memories of a maritime world, some of which can be found in the underlying narratives of these paintings. As the work developed and I explored the island I found myself immersed in the daily activities of life there. The resulting body of paintings is a record of my encounter with Great Cranberry Island, and as a whole reflects my sense of it as a landscape and as a place.

Kathi Smith -2014