Kathi J Smith
White Head MonheganBlackhead Monhegan - (Purple)Old Spurling DockThe End of MarchGrey Shed and PoleWhitehead Monhegan IIHere...ThereRed ShedAbove and BeyondFishing Weir - MemoryPier-MemorySouth Side- MemoryWhitehead Monhegan IIIFrozen...ChosenBeyond the Snow BeltA Dream of TreesLost in a FogThe Colder the AirThe GiantsMonhegan Skyline
New Work 2018

My paintings reflect those places in which I find myself lost in the act of looking.

I am currently interested in the role of the landscape in developing a sense of one’s self. And, when conjured through sensations, how powerful the visual memory of a place can be. I look for narratives within the landscape. I find them in backyards, abandoned spaces and in those spaces in between, that are often overlooked by most of us.

Recently, I have been painting landscapes relevant to my personal history: memories of my family's homestead in Nova Scotia, my hometown in western Maine, and Maine’s Great Cranberry Island. I find familiarities in these places, where a particular light or color in the landscape will evoke a memory, which then becomes my subject. I carry with me vivid childhood memories of a maritime world, some of which can be found in the underlying narratives of these paintings.

Many of my paintings are started from direct observation and are then brought to the studio where I continue to work on them. Through this process they become a blend of both real and remembered worlds.

Kathi Smith -2018